Team Quest is a program that challenges students to apply their knowledge in a group
setting to come up with an answer to a question or a solution to a problem.  It also allows
students to come up with their own ideas and to be creative to accomplish the
challenges of the program.  This program is a competitive activity which makes the
students strive for the top award.  Our goal is to encourage students and give them the
opportunity to show their talents while working on a team together.

As the students participate in the program year after year we have seen the confidence
that they gain.  Confidence in being able to share their ideas with others.  We have also
found that they learn how to listen and appreciate others ideas as well.  Where many
students at first are hesitant to speak up about their ideas we find they become excited
about sharing their thoughts in order to achieve their goal.

By placing students that are high achievers together we have found that it challenges
them to work harder and get excited about what they can achieve.  Also they come to
realize in our program that if they do not strive for their best they will not be the top
scoring team of the competition.  Overall it gives a great sense of accomplishment and
challenge that they may not have the opportunity to experience in a regular classroom.

The next level of competition is the Regional Championships.  This is where the top
scoring teams from the local competition are given the opportunity to advance on and
compete with other top scoring teams for prizes from the Team Quest Store.

The last level of competition is the Mid-West Finals where the top scoring teams from all
of the Regional Championships compete in a 2-day competition for grades 5 through
High School.  The 3rd/4th grades compete in a one day competition which prizes are
also awarded.  This level of competition is intense and very competitive.  The teachers,
parents and grandparents always enjoy watching the students compete at the finals.
The challenges are based on a wide range of subjects:

Engineering - a problem is given which must be solved
by                                constructing something to complete a
Trivia - a challenge where questions are asked in a
game                      format.  Strategy and applying knowledge
must be                     used in this challenge.
Math - math questions and applying math to help
solve                         problems.  How math is applied in
everyday life and                    why math knowledge is important
in solving everyday                 problems.
Music - questions on theory, recognizing types of
music,                        where and when different types of music
is found,                      and what role music plays in the lives of
Creativity - a challenge to come up with totally new
and                                innovative ideas and be able to
communicate that                      to others.

All of these challenges incorporate all subjects such as
language, literature, history, geography, health, current events
to give a well rounded program which challenges students to
use all areas of knowledge.
Team Quest
The Ultimate Academic Challenge