Getting Started with Team Quest in your area
Adventures in Learning (A.I.L. Group, LLC) provides rewarding learning experiences for students and adults of all
ages.  Our unique programs are designed to give everyone the opportunity to think, believe, and dream.
Our Team Quest programs are attended by students throughout the school year.  Team Quest is an opportunity for
schools to invite their best and brightest students to take our Ultimate Academic Challenge.  In the Team Quest
program groups of four students demonstrate their ability to work together.  During the competition teams are asked to
solve problems in many areas of academic instruction.  Team Quest includes activities in music, the arts, geography,
language arts, science, and mathematics.  Teams are challenged to apply their knowledge to real life problems by
incorporating creativity, imagination, and engineering into the events.  The day-long event challenge students from
grades 3 through 12.
Every year our Team Quest programs have a theme that teachers can use to help motivate their students to learn all
that they can about this topic while preparing for the competition.  As always we divide up the programs by 3rd/4th
grades, 5th/6th grades, 7th/8th grades and 9th thru 12th grades.  In each age group we have teams of 4 competing in
different academic challenges.
The program registration will begin at 8:30 a.m., the program begins at 9:00 a.m., and usually concludes around 2:30
p.m. unless different times are requested.  We will award certificates to every team that competes in the program and
the winners of the event will receive trophies for each member of the team and one school trophy.  The winners will
have the opportunity to compete in the Regional Championships and from there if they qualify we will invite them to
attend The Finals Championship.  Which at each of these competitions students can win additional trophies and prizes.
As long as there is adequate room we will bring our Team Quest store which includes educational games, books,
puzzles, and other unique items that promote learning and are designed for gifted students.  We also have t-shirts with
the Team Quest theme and we sell them for $13 per shirt.  Some Regional Offices of Education or schools themselves
even purchase t-shirts for every student that competes in the program, which we offer a discounted group rate.  We
can also provide lunch if we are asked to do so.  We offer several different options for lunch that start at $5 per
student.  If interested just call to find out about the different options.
The price to the Regional Office of Education for A.I.L. Group to come and present the Team Quest program will be
$80 per team, plus mileage(air travel if out of state) and the cost for 2 rooms at a hotel for our program presenters.  
We need a minimum of 12 teams to participate for each age group.  When we host a program ourselves we charge
each school $100 per team if they bring a sack lunch with them and $120 per team to provide lunch to the students.  
The funding can be an issue for some schools, some areas we deal with have no problem with funding and are able to
provide our program to their gifted students.  Others have to take different approaches to get funding.  Some schools
pay half and have the students pay for the other half, we have some schools that the gifted students parents pay for it
all so that they can compete, and we even have a few that the teachers pay for their students to be able to compete in
the Team Quest programs.  At the end of the year, during the finals, we have found out from some of the teachers that
they would be getting funding from local businesses to pay for their teams to compete in the programs.  Other
teachers have told us that they run their gifted program like any other club, they have weekly meetings where the kids
meet and practice different aspects of the competition and they hold fund raisers for their students to help raise
funding.  They sell items, hold bake sales, trivia nights, etc, and we even have a few schools that take the trivia night
one step further and put on their own competitive program.  The students come up with their own theme, look up
questions for trivia, and design their own engineering and creative challenges for their competition.  They then invite
students and parents to compete and to see who can win.  The teachers that do this event have told us that this has
become a very popular event in their school and that the kids learn a lot more when they themselves design this type
of competition.  Basically it comes down to what each are wants to do, what they have available to them, and what
works best for their situation.
Hopefully this information has been some help in answering any questions about our Team Quest programs and what
it takes to get started in your area.  If you have more questions or you are ready to start Team Quest the Ultimate
Academic Challenge in your area please contact us, we will be more than happy to answer any questions that you may
have about our program.

Matthew Wedemeyer
Office Manager
A.I.L. Group, LLC